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Our partner can deliver soccer jerseys to virtually any location around the globe

Costs vary depending upon the location

The delivery time can be as little as three days

Typical delivery costs for a parcel containing 1 or 2 soccer jerseys are:


  • Premium Delivery (3 to 5 Days) - £11.50
  • Standard Delivery (6-10 days) - £6.96


  • Premium Delivery (3 to 5 Days) - £11.85
  • Standard Delivery (6-10 days) - £6.96

Customs Charges

Both Australia and USA would not levy customs charges on private purchases less that $1000 (Aus), or $200 (USA), this information was correct as of 1/2/2010.

It is the customers responsibility to pay any customs charges, please check the links provided below for more recent information:

Australia -

All goods (except for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) may be imported duty and tax free if their value is $1,000 or less.


Packages whose declared value is under $200 ($100 if being sent as a gift to someone other than the purchaser) will generally be cleared without any additional paperwork prepared by CBP. However, CBP always reserves the right to require a formal entry for any importation and generally exercises this option if there is something unusual about the importation, or if important documents such as an invoice or bill of sale do not accompany the item.