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Liverpool Football Club
English Premier League
Jersey Brand:
Jersey Sponsor:
Home Uniform:
Red jersey with white stripes; red shorts; red socks.
Away Uniform:
Black jersey with gold stripes; black shorts; black socks.
European Uniform:
White jersey with red stripes; white short; white socks.

Liverpool are one of the most successful soccer teams of all time having won 18 English League titles, 5 European Cups, 7 FA Cups, 7 English League Cups and 3 UEFA Cups. Their infamous red jersey is worn by millions throughout the world.

The Original Liverpool Soccer Jersey

Original Liverpool Soccer UniformIt is amazing to believe but the first ever soccer uniform worn by English Premier League team Liverpool, consisted of a blue and white soccer jersey, blue shorts and blue socks. Even more amazing, it was inherited from their arch rivals from the same city, Everton!

Prior to the formation of Liverpool, Everton existed as a soccer team playing their matches at Anfield (the modern day home of Liverpool). Toward the end of the 19th century, the administration of Everton had been taken over by a local businessman, John Houlding. After making a significant personal investment in the soccer club, Mr Houlding began to propose initiatives that would bring him a return for his contribution. However, this fuelled a backlash from the club members and in March 1892 they decided to leave Mr Houlding and relocate from Anfield to Goodison Park.

John Houlding LiverpoolLeft with his Anfield soccer ground, John Houlding quickly set about planning the creation of a new soccer team and on March 15th 1892 Liverpool Football Club was formed. It was then, under the joint management team of John McKenna and William Barclay, that they began playing in the blue and white soccer uniforms that had been left behind by the departed Everton.

Hence, the original soccer jersey worn by Liverpool was blue and white.

The Infamous Red Liverpool Soccer Jersey

It is unclear as to the exact date when Liverpool changed their soccer uniform from blue and white to the now infamous red. However it is recorded that by 1896, red had become the primary color of the home jersey, a tradition that would remain in the many incarnations of the Liverpool soccer uniform throughout the 20th century and one that still persists today. It is possible that it coincided with Everton’s return to a blue uniform in 1895 (having adopted a salmon pink and then maroon uniform after their breakaway from John Houlding in 1892).

Billy Liddell Liverpool LegendFrom 1896 until 1955 there were 17 variations of the Liverpool soccer uniform, however, throughout that time the jersey remained fairly simple and consistent in design. Most of the jerseys were completely red, unbadged and had open collars that were fixed by either buttons or laces.

Billy Liddell, one of Liverpool’s greatest players, is pictured on the left in a collared jersey of this era. The only real exception to this type of jersey during that time, was when a round white collar was added in both 1931 and 1946; both of these only lasted for a single season.

Liverbird Upon My Chest

’Liverbird Upon My Chest’ - the immortal words of a famous ’Kop’ song but it wasn’t until the mid 1950’s that Liverpool wore the badge displaying the Liverbird on their soccer jersey. The images below from left to right show how the Liverpool badge has evolved since it’s introduction to the jersey in 1955.

Liverpool Jersey Badge 1950s and 1960sLiverpool Jersey Badge early 1970sLiverpool Jersey Badge 1976 to 1985Liverpool Jersey Badge 1985 to 1987Liverpool Jersey Badge 1987 to 1992Liverpool Jersey Badge 1992 to 1995Liverpool Jersey Badge 1995 to 1996Liverpool Jersey Badge 1996 to 2000Liverpool Jersey Badge 1996 to 2000Liverpool Jersey Badge 2010

The initial simplicity of the Liverbird has been augmented over the years to include references to the Hillsborough Memorial, the Shankly Gates and establishment of the club but still today the Liverbird remains very much at the heart.

The Branded Jersey

Until 1973 the Liverpool soccer jersey was unbranded. However all that changed with the first Umbro branded jersey which would mark the beginning of a branded soccerwear revolution. Since that day Liverpool jerseys have displayed just two other brands, Reebok and Adidas, the latter having two separate spells.

The images below show how the branding on the jersey had developed over time.

Umbro branding - 1973 to 1985

Liverpool Jersey Brand - Umbro - 1973 to 1976Liverpool Jersey Brand - Umbro - 1976 to 1985

Adidas branding - 1985 to 1996

Liverpool Jersey Brand - Adidas - 1985 to 1991Liverpool Jersey Brand - Adidas - 1991 to 1992Liverpool Jersey Brand - Adidas - 1992 to 1995Liverpool Jersey Brand - Adidas - 1995 to 1996

Reebok branding - 1996 to 2006

Liverpool Jersey Brand - Reebok - 1996 to 1998Liverpool Jersey Brand - Reebok - 1998 to 2000Liverpool Jersey Brand - Reebok - 2000 to 2002Liverpool Jersey Brand - Reebok - 2002 to 2004Liverpool Jersey Brand - Reebok - 2004 to 2006

Adidas branding - 2006 to 2010

Liverpool Jersey Brand - Adidas - 2006 to 2008Liverpool Jersey Brand - Adidas - 2008 to 2010

Adidas, now on their second spell, are now the most used brand on the Liverpool jersey with their logos appearing for nearly 15 years.

Jersey Sponsorship

Sponsorship is common in modern day soccer but it wasn’t until 1979 that the Liverpool jersey displayed it’s first sponsor, the electronics giant Hitachi. Since then only three other names have adorned the jersey:

  • Crown Paints - Paint manufacturer
  • Candy - Appliance manufacturer
  • Carlsberg - Beer Brand

The images below show how each sponsor logo was displayed on the jersey.

Carlsberg have been by far and away the longest running sponsor of the Liverpool jersey, with 18 consecutive years. However that is all set to end in the summer of 2010, when the name on the jersey will be replaced by investment bank Standard Chartered.

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